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ahri featured

League of Legends Champion Guide: Ahri

As the first Champion that you are taught how to play, she often gets overlooked because people think that more in-depth champions as you level your account are better. This can’t be further from the truth, Ahri is one of the most versatile junglers in the game and often one who gets the most consistent killing blows making it one of the top ranked of them all.

To begin you should start from the basics, and this is the ability sequence you should aim for when you start leveling and getting gold at the start of each game, follow this ability leveling sequence by the book and never stray from it as it will increase Ahri’s output.

ability sequence for ahri

You should have a solid mastery and runes setup as well before picking her, in order to do this then just follow this guide which is updated for the 5.3 patch.

ahris masteries

Essence Theft – Passive

essence theft visualsThe main and first passive ability for Ahri is “Essence Theft” and what this does is hit an enemy for a certain amount and gain 3 charges, whenever she reaches 9 charges then the next “Essence Theft” will heal her for 2+ her level +9% AP per enemy that she hits.

How you should use this passive ability according to our guide is very simple, you want to basically keep it on cooldown to build those 9 charges, and whenever you are in a tight spot you should look for a place where you can hit more than 3 opponents per single attack and this ability will most likely top you up in health. Think about hitting minions or a very crowded area where your team-mates are fighting vs the enemy team.

This ability can mean an entire game when used right, so follow our guidance and use it! Remember this is a passive and will trigger with all your different offensive abilities.

Orb of Deception – Q

orb of deception ahri spell visualsThis leads us to the next on-use ability in Ahri’s arsenal and that’s “Orb of Deception”, it has a 7 second cooldown so this will be the ability that you will find yourself spamming over and over. To build your “Essence Theft” charges.

Orb of Deception is an ability that you fire in a forward direction hitting everything within 5 yards of its path. This is crucial because with an ability like this you will be able to hit multiple enemies and while it is not an ultimate that can just kill everything, this will be the one you use to heal yourself when you’ve gotten the Essence Theft charges and go back to full health, use it wisely and as fast as you possibly can.

Fox Fire – W

fox fire visualsNext up in this Ahri guide we’ve got “Fox Fire”, what this consists of is basically an ability that will summon 3 companions that will circle around her for 5 seconds and once it’s over they will target their nearest enemy and deal damage to them, the targeting is automated so you can think this of an intelligent AoE attack, it’s cooldown in max level is 5 seconds and a very helpful attack as it can gradually build charges of Essence Theft as well as spending those 9 charges to heal you up, although it doesn’t do it as effectively to heal as Orb of Deception.

Charm – E

ahris charm spellNow it’s time for a very useful effect that we’ve got bound to E, this is called “Charm” and what this does is target an enemy and force them to harmlessly walk towards Ahri at a 50% decreased movement speed, once your enemy is “charmed” they are open to the full fire that she can discharge on them with Orb of Deception, Fox Fire and Spirit Rush, as a rule of thumb a non-tanky champion of a similar level as you will most likely get killed within a “charm” if you unleash the full power over them, if you want to read a detailed guide on how to use “Charm” to secure kills then we suggest you head over and read up on this at Elitist Gaming which is a website built by the best players in the game who have dedicated countless hours to Ahri and how to perfect the charm-kill combo.

Spirit Rush – R

spirit rush ultimate RLastly we’ve got our Ultimate ability, the one bound to R and the one that will be our finishing move to get those sweet killing blows, this one has a fairly long cooldown of 80 seconds when maxed out. This is a very tricky ability to master in this Ahri guide and for that we will try to explain what it does.
So basically Ahri rushes forward hitting all of the enemies in front of her prioritizing champions over minions, this will cause not only a lot of damage but tons of mobility, so it can be used in many different situations, this can be an escape route or it can mean a lot of healing for you, maybe even a kill if you time it right.

The cool part of Spirit Rush is that you can use it two more times within 10 seconds of the first initial activation BEFORE it goes on cooldown, as you can imagine you can travel immense distances with this ability and your enemies will never be able to follow you, this can used to push or to follow someone and going for that sweet kill.

In this guide we teach you how to master this and why it is very important that you make the right decision of when to use it, as the cooldown is so big you have to think really well what you will do with it, luckily it’s both a defensive ability and an offensive ability that you can chain with your other skills.

Runes Build Pages

When it comes to different builds you will not find a lot of variations, Ahri has a pretty much cookie cutter build which is strange considering how well she performs and how different you can play her.

Now it’s time to talk about the rune builds for Ahri.

First up we will use about 6 pages for this.

Page 1 will be your standard one, in which you will play her very general versus just about any team and she will perform excellent. It’s a very standard mid-laner rune build but that’s what we’re aiming for here.

runes page 1 build multipurpose

Page 2 will be focused on armor to make her a little tankier, this is because Ahri is basically a glass-cannon that given her power it’s an easy target for everyone else just to try to mitigate the damage output that you can have in the middle of a fight, use this runes build when you’re going for an AD matchup.

runes page 2 build armor

Page 3 will be your movespeed cooldown reduction, this will be a mobility heavy rune build and it will make it or break it if you know how to use it because you will be so fast your enemies will never know you were there, versus a lot of matchups it really helps her because she will most likely be dodging (like vs Synda, Ziggs, Morgana, etc) and wait for that specific moment to attack, this is what you’re aiming for in here.

runes page 3 movement speed build guide

Page 4 will be your AP magic resist rune page, this is very defensive just like page 2 but it will be used mainly versus champions like Annie, Fizz, LeBlanc who are other magical glass cannons.

runes page 4 build guide magic resist

If you have just a limited amount of pages then you will want to use this rune page 5 as a general rule of thumb, it has a bit of everything, armor, magic resistance, magic penetration, and movement speed.

runes page 5 build general guide

Now on to last but not least page 6, this is our 45% CDR cap, and we are focusing here in Spirit Rush spam! Our favorite as her ultimate will be the one thing she relies on for everything, you will be spending only 60 seconds of “down-time” in between ultimates.

runes page 6 build CDR cooldown guide

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